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SPIE Photonics West
The Moscone Center
January 25-27, 2011, Booth 5419


Laser Product

Violet Laser: 266nm, 355nm, 375nm

Blue Laser: 405nm, 445nm, 457nm, 473nm, 488nm, 491nm, 500nm

Green Laser: 515nm, 523nm, 526nm, 532nm, 543nm

Yellow Laser: 556nm, 561nm, 589nm, 593nm

Red Laser: 635nm, 639nm, 660nm, 671nm, 690nm

Infrared Laser: 705nm, 808nm, 830nm, 845nm, 852nm, 885nm, 905nm, 914nm,   

915nm, 940nm, 946nm, 980nm, 1030nm, 1047nm, 1053nm, 1064nm, 1085nm, 1112nm, 

1319nm, 1342nm, 1444nm, 1450nm, 1560nm

Q-switched Laser: 1064nm, 266nm, 355nm, 532nm

Raman Laser System: Raman532nm, Raman658nm, Raman780nm, Ramam785nm, Raman830nm, Raman1064nm.

Multi Wavelength Laser System


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