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        BLUE VIOLET 405 nm OEM laser module       


Key Features:

  • Violet Blue Wavelength

  • Circularized beam

  • Low Optical Noise

  • Remote Control (Optional)

  • ESD Protection

  • TTL Modulation (Optional)

  • Single Mode & Multi Mode Fiber Coupling

  • Temperature Stabilized


  • Bio-Medical Instrument

  • Flow Cytometry

  • DNA Sequence

  • Scientific Research

  • Photo Finishing

  • Computer to Plate (CtP)








The FreeBeamTM405 Blue Laser Module is a highly integrated violet laser module with laser optics and electronics in a single package. It features fiber coupling option, very low optical noise and up to 100 KHz TTL modulation. Laser output power can be remotely controlled through electrical cable connected to the back panel of the package. Lower laser temperature setting can improve laser diode operational lifetime. The unique designed electrical driver enable this Laser Module has the lowest power consumptions compare to the similar product in the industry.

The FreeBeamTM405 Blue Laser Module came with two different packages for you to choose from. Tube style part number start with FBT, box style start with FBB. FBB can allow you to remotely control Laser output power through electrical cable connect to the back panel of the package, while FBT can allow you to control optical power locally through a potential meter on the back panel of the laser tube.

The FreeBeamTM405 Blue Laser Module also features the single longitudinal mode optional which provide narrow spectrum width to less than 100MHz and ultra stable wavelength at 0.02nm over the operational temperature range and life time.  

The FreeBeamTM405 Blue Laser Module is available for single mode and multi mode fiber coupled configuration.

The FreeBeamTM405 Blue Laser Module is a Class III b laser product.


Technical Specifications  

Wavelength Range

405 nm 5nm

Laser Output Power With TEM00 

5mW to 160mW

Laser Output Power 

Max 800mW( multi transverse mode)

Optical Noise (RMS)


Laser Output Power Stability


Laser Output Polarization Ratio


Laser Beam Diameter (Elliptical beam)


Laser Beam Diameter (Circularized beam)

1.2mm or 2.4mm

Beam Divergence (Elliptical beam)


Beam Divergence (Circularized beam)


Longitudinal Mode

Multi Mode or Single Mode Optional

Optical Spectrum Width

0.1nm or <100MHz for Single Longitudinal Mode

Coherent Length

1 meter for Single Longitudinal Mode

Wavelength Stability


Beam Point Stability (box package)


Warm up Time

2 minutes

Operational Temperature Range

0C ~ 40C

Laser Diode Life Time (MTBF)


Mechanical Dimensions


Box Style Package


Tube Style Package



 Typical Spectrum Performance For Single Longitudinal Mode Version




















Typical Power Stability


Product Map


Output Power Level(mW) 20 40 50 70 90 120 150 200 400 700 800
Free Space TEM00 Mode SLM  √                  
Free Space TEM00 Mode              
Free Space Multi Transverse Mode                  
Single Mode Fiber Coupling                  
50um Multi Mode Fiber coupling            
100um Multi Mode Fiber coupling           √   
200um Multi Mode Fiber coupling            
400um Multi Mode Fiber coupling            


Ordering Information


FXX - 405 - XXX - XXX - XX - X X
Package   Wavelength   Power(mW)   Fiber Type   Connector Type/Beam shape   Modulation CDRH





Free Space Tube Style Laser Module


Free Space Box Style Laser Module


Fiber Coupled Laser Module (box style package only)


Single Longitudinal Mode laser diode

Fiber Type



Multi Mode 50um Core Fiber


Multi Mode 100um Core Fiber


Multi Mode 200um Core Fiber


Multi Mode 400um Core Fiber


Single Mode Fiber


Polarization Maintained Fiber

Free Space


Connector Type



SMA Connector


FC/PC Connector


FC/APC Connector


Circularized beam


Elliptical beam




DC Operation


TTL Modulation




OEM Laser Module


CDRH Certified Laser Module


Free Space Mechanical Dimension( Box )


Free Space Mechanical Dimension( Tube) 

Fiber Coupled Mechanical Dimension:

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