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FreeBeam series temperature stabilized diode laser module features Violet 375 nm, Violet 405 nm, Blue 445 nm, Blue 473 nm, Green 532 nm, Red 639 nm and Raman 780 nm available now.

Fremont, Calif. - January 10, 2008 RGBLase LLC, a leading manufacturer for OEM laser modules and photonic total solution provider, today announced the introduction of a new product family: the FreeBeam series of free space semiconductor laser module. The FreeBeam series combines high performance semiconductor laser diode, optical collimation and beam correction system, high efficiency temperature control electronics, laser power monitoring and laser diode drive electronics into a compact size. The first high volume products available are the FreeBeam 405, a 405nm violet laser diode module with output power from 10mW up to 185mW, and FreeBeam 532, a 532nm Green laser diode module with output power from 10mW up to 100mW. Other laser wavelength at 445nm, 473nm, 635nm and 639nm are also available. The complete FreeBeam laser module product line will cover UV, violet, blue, green, red and near infrared wavelength range and  include polarization maintaining fiber, single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber coupling options.

The FreeBeam laser diode module have a compact size of 100mm(L)X44mm(W)X38.5mm(H) and coming with a separated AC-DC power supply with input voltage range from AC 80V ~ 240V. A Ten pin connector on the back panel allow you control the laser optical power remotely through a DC voltage continues and monitor the key laser parameters such as laser output power stability and laser current in real time. The SAM connector on the back panel allows you modulate the laser beam with TTL signal up to 20 KHz.

The FreeBeam series laser diode modules are at very competitive price and they are ideal laser source for spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, printing, optical data storage, DNA sequencing and more other industry applications.

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RGBLase LLC provide Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red Diode and DPSS lasers, optical parts, coating service, precision mechanical parts and OEM service. Our vision is to become the number one laser & photonic total solution supplier for scientific research, bio-medical instrumentation and other industrial applications.  We dedicate on developing state of the art laser products and providing the best service to our customer through continuous quality improvement and technology innovation. RGBLase LLC strives to be the number one supplier of Diode Laser Module & Photonic products through a commitment to continuous quality improvement of our products, process and people. Quality is integrated into all aspects of our business and forms the foundation of our customer satisfaction. More information about RGBLase can be found on the Internet at www.RGBLase.com.








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