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SPIE Photonics West
The Moscone Center
January 23-25, 2012, Booth 5608



    90mW from Single mode PM fiber at 405nm, highest power in the world!


RGBLase LLC provide Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red Diode and DPSS lasers, optical parts, coating service, precision mechanical parts and OEM service. Our vision is to become the number one laser & photonic total solution supplier for scientific research, bio-medical instrumentation and other industrial applications.


RGBLase dedicate on developing state of art laser products and providing the best service to our customer through continuous quality improvement and technology innovation.

Quality Policy

RGBLase LLC strives to be the number one supplier of Diode Laser Module & Photonic products through a commitment to continuous quality improvement of our products, process and people. Quality is integrated into all aspects of our business and forms the foundation of our customer satisfaction.


RGBLase provide wide range of lasers in free space and fiber coupled output with wavelength range from 375 nm Violet to 1064 nm and  up to 100W laser output power with narrow spectrum width, low optical noise, high stability, compact size and lower electrical power consumptions.

Our Laser can be used widely in scientific research, military, medical and other industrial applications such as Optical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Material processing, Photochemistry, LIDAR, Holography, Photolithography, Optical tweezers, Fluorescence, Raman Spectroscopy, Targeting and Ranging, Remote sensing, DNA sequencing, Interferometer, Alignment etc.

In addition to lasers, RGBLase also provide optical lens, blank, optical coating service and precision mechanical parts for photonic applications.





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